I'm a cliche


I'm a Cliche

In the late 70's, the Punk subculture began to spread in the UK and Western Europe. Rock Punk, New wave, and Street Punk. "I'm a Cliché" is a book statement on the "Blank Generation" scene in Paris,

London Birmingham and Berlin. Cynicism and despair are just the veneer. The style is also violent: wide angle and flash in the dark at the Roxy or the Vortex. This time the show is not on stage anymore but among us, but it looks like another planet. Meet The Clash, The Damned, The Slits, X-Ray Spex, Generation X, The Guilty Razors, Asphalt Jungle and their friends. Images from the book have been exposed at the Gallery agnes B in Paris, Gainsbourg exposition, (city of Music), RIP (International Photography show in Arles) in Japan, Korea and Brazil. Only $9.99 (95 pages B&W). Flip pages preview


miss you


Miss You

… I shot my first Miss at a young age. On that day, I was crashing a party in a huge, luxurious hotel in Paris. I had heard there would be free drinks and appetizers. As pathetic as it sounds, that's how I got drawn into the staged drama, rehearsed suspense, fake tears and forced laughter of the wonderful world of pageantry. To understand why otherwise classy girls would expose themselves (half naked, topless or completely nude were the main options), I attended every pageant I could find for the next few years: Miss Topless, Miss Europe Nude, Miss Inter-camping, Miss Playgirl, Miss Hollywood, Miss Studio of Stars, etc. You name it, with my camera, I was there. I managed to capture some very unique, and compelling photographs, published in a book rapidly sold out, available now in a new edition. Only $9.99 (69 pages B&W). Flip pages preview


cheap dates


Cheap Dates

The classic men's girlies and adventure magazines flourished during the 60's. when popular titles sold by the millions to men all across America and - in case of soldiers stationed oversea - around the world. These lurid pulps have enticed millions of readers with tales of blood and sex. The photographs depicted in this book are colorful, rude, shocking, sleazy, but always downright fascinating. The photo shoots are made in the cottages of the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley (soon to become the world's capital of porn). They are not politically correct: and they are not socially acceptable. What they are is, a fun underground subculture that challenges the dominant social order by offering a deviant lifestyle that sneaks around and breaks social taboos. Only $9.99 (37 pages B&W and color) Flip pages preview , see the Photo Gallery

paris underground


Paris Underground

Paris Underground was a major photojournalistic event at the time of it's 1980 publication, and is still considered to be a leading authority today. It is a thoroughly extensive survey of the underground network (catacombs, quarries, churches, metro subway system, Telecom network, sewers, shelters, canals, etc.) found in the city of Paris, France. As a result of this literary master work, these subterranean spaces have become a major focus for urban culture and creativity, resulting in a private, inspirational source for visual arts, music and writing.
And now, for the first time, the images of this extraordinary underground journey are offered in an E-book format. Only $9.99 (60 pages color) Flip pages preview

picture of death


The Other Fragonard

The Other Fragonard is a book published in 1980, it was the first time a photographer was allowed to enter The Horror Room of the Veterinarian Museum of Maison Alfort near Paris, where the remaining pieces of Fragonard's Ecorches were displayed but hidden from the public. Fragonard (cousin of the famous painter) spent nine years preparing thousands of anatomical items for view. Most of them were destroyed during The French Revolution in 1789 because they were perceived as a symbol of the Bourgeoisie's decadence. You are looking at human corpses as Art Objects. Only $9.99 (39 pages color) Flip pages preview




The best thing about street photography is that it is like embarking on an unknown voyage. You just never know what you are going to find, or what shots you are going to make. Just let it go. Anything can happen. Like ending up in a stripper's apartment, Xmas eve in a homeless shelter or taking portraits of some suburban gang members. Everyone of our phantasm is here to be seen and photographed, such as this half naked woman in the subway…. Only $9.99 (91 pages B&W) Flip pages preview

made in lebanon


Made in Lebanon

Beirut is photogenic. Always has been. Always will be. Ironically, the Lebanese civil war made it even more so.
The aesthetic of destruction… nothingness, emptiness, absence, and silence in their dramatic beauty. Only $9.99 (67 pages B&W and color) Flip pages preview




In Fine Art, the nude body was a prominent subject. Erotica has a lineage that predates photography by two thousand years or more. It took many years for erotic photography to become a mainstream subculture. Only $9.99 (49 pages B&W and Techni-Color) Flip pages preview



lebanon, haschich

Lebanese Red

Deir el-Ahmar is a Christian village in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley that litterally means “The Red Monastery”. This region has provided the world with top quality hashish thus the name “Red Lebanese”. It was the first time Hashish farmers allowed a photographer in their village.Coming soon. Preview

tokyo art

Tokyo Love

Essay on the endless photogenic quality of Japan.Coming soon. Preview

meta photography

Meta Photography

“Everything is going to be alright” Experimental photography and artistic propaganda. Coming soon. Preview

art photo

Patrick Denoun

Patrick Denoun photographer/painter, a Master of Contemporary Art, his fine art is displayed in many art collections, fine art galleries and Hollywood celebrities‘ homes as well. Coming soon. Preview