brunette on blue

Welcome to the pages of Nostalgia Glamour. Rediscover the fabulous nude models that flourished in the pages of millions of copies of sex magazines sold in the 60's all over the US. "The Gallery of Forgotten": Escapade, Dude, Bachelor, Caper, Carnival… etc were among the flurry of titles that hit the racks as cheap imitations of Playboy's immediate success in 1953. For all the talk of "50s-era sexual repression", there sure were a lot of skins rags, in fact far more than exist today. Most of them offered weak content and poor execution, that's why we like them, but not in Black & White as they were photographed, we prefer them digitally colored. The Sexy 60' gallery is an excerpt from a book project: "Cheap Dates" in preparation.

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